Ofer Aharony (Weizmann, Rehovot)
"The effective action on the confining string"

Ignatios Antoniadis (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris & CERN, Geneva)
"Physics with magnetized branes"

Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton)
"Holography and the S-Matrix"

Zvi Bern (UCLA)
"Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes: From gauge theory to N=8 supergravity" [Review]

Sayantani Bhattacharyya (Tata Inst.)
"Weak Field Black Hole Formation in Asymptotically AdS Spacetimes"

Mirjam Cvetic (U. Penn., Philadelphia)
"Lifting D-Instanton Zero Modes"

Robbert Dijkgraaf (U. Amsterdam)
"Summary Talk"

Sergio Ferrara (CERN, Geneva)
"Attractors in Extended Supergravity"

Davide Forcella (ENS, Paris)
"Master Space and Hilbert Series"

Davide Gaiotto (IAS, Princeton)
"N=2 Gauge Theories"

Michael B. Green (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK)
"Properties of scattering amplitudes in open and closed string theory"

David Gross (KITP & UC, Santa Barbara)
"Opening Lecture"

Steven Gubser (Princeton U.)
"Superconducting black holes"

Sean Hartnoll (Harvard, Cambridge MA)
"Holographic Superconductors"

Jonathan Heckman (Harvard, Cambridge MA)
"Flavor in F-theory"

Johannes Henn (Humboldt U.,Berlin)
"Scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills"

Petr Horava (Berkeley)
"Gravity at a Lifshitz point" [Review]

Yosuke Imamura (U. Tokyo)
"On the gravity duals of N=4 Chern-Simons theories"

Daniel Jafferis (Rutgers U.)
"M2-branes, CS theories and AdS4/CFT3" [Review]

Elias Kiritsis (U. Crete, Heraklion)
"Thermodynamics and transport in QCD-like theories" [Review]

Igor Klebanov (U. Princeton)
"Charges of Monopole Operators in SYM-CS Theories"

Axel Kleinschmidt (ULB, Brussels)
"Symmetries and Constraints"

Alberto Lerda (U. Piemonte Orientale, Alessandria)
"Stringy instantons and duality"

Dieter Luest (LMU, Munich)
"The stringy landscape: looking into it and bypassing around it at the LHC"

Juan Maldacena (IAS, Princeton)
"Null polygonal Wilson loops and scattering amplitudes via minimal surfaces in AdS"

Michelangelo Mangano (CERN, Geneva)
"The LHC and the future of particle physics" [Review]

Kumar Narain (ICTP, Trieste)
"A New Class of N=2 Topological Amplitudes"

Nikita Nekrasov (IHES, Paris)
"Supersymmetric gauge theories and quantization of integrable systems"

Hiroshi Ooguri (Caltech, Pasadena & U. Tokyo)
"Topological Strings and Crystal Melting Revisited"

Soo-Jong Rey (U. Seoul)
"New Results on Holographic Wilson Loops"

Augusto Sagnotti (SNS, Pisa)
"The Higher-Spin Challenge"

Sakura Schafer-Nameki (Caltech, Pasadena)
"F-theory Compactifications for Supersymmetric GUTs"

Ashoke Sen (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.)
"Quantum Entropy Function"

Eva Silverstein (SLAC & Stanford U.)
"Insightful Branes / F is for Four"

Kellogg Stelle (Imperial Coll. London)
"Duality and Black Holes"

Andrew Strominger (Harvard, Cambridge MA)
"The Kerr/CFT Correspondence"

Angel Uranga (IFT-UAM/CSIC, Madrid & CERN, Geneva)
"Non-perturbative effects and wall-crossing in 4d N=1,2 string vacua"

Cumrun Vafa (Harvard, Cambridge MA)
"F-theory Approach to Particle Phenomenology"

Erik Verlinde (U. Amsterdam)
"Holographic Neutron Stars"

Pedro Vieira (AEI Potsdam)
"Integrability for the Full Spectrum of Planar AdS/CFT"


Nicola Cabibbo (Università di Roma "Sapienza", Pontificia Accademia delle Scienze)
"Particelle elementari all'acceleratore LHC"

Brian Greene (ISCAP, New York & Columbia U.)
"One Universe or Many?"

Gabriele Veneziano (CERN, Geneva & College de France, Paris)
"Big Bang e Stringhe al Confronto: il Tempo ha davvero avuto un inizio?"

Edward Witten (IAS, Princeton)
"What is Ahead in Particle Physics?"